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Bionic Publishing – About Us

This Bionic Publishing website is designed to promote creative works offered by Bionic Publishing. It also offers advice and information on publishing to help authors and artists succeed. Use any and all information contained herein at your own risk. We are rooting for your success.

Bionic Publishing publishes written works by Dean Erickson, including his personal development books Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life and Act. Adapt. Achieveand the mystery thriller, No One Laughs at a Dead Clown (written as DC Erickson). We do not accept manuscripts, but we do encourage authors and artists to show, publish, and promote their own works. We also have recently acquired the worldwide rights to the board game, Pharmacy, but we are sold out. Offering licensing publishing rights only.

This site offers advice and encouragement that might be helpful to some people. Neither this site, the owners, nor Mr. Erickson takes any responsibility for the success or failure of another’s work. Do not share your ideas with us! We won’t read them or respond due to time and copyright issues. Use this site and this information at your own risk. We encourage you to use any information and resource that will help you produce, protect, publish, and promote your works and, ultimately, profit from them.

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