Self-Improvement Books

Dean Erickson

Self-Improvement Books

Self-improvement books range in character and quality but often can lead to understanding one’s self better, becoming more patient with others, and finding purpose in one’s life. Creating self-improvement books may entail sharing a very personal story with the hope of enlightening another. Be ready for the effort that may be required; it will be worth it. Click here for a potential timeline for your success.

Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life front cover

Self-improvement book, Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life

The first of our self-improvement books is Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life by Dean Erickson. Erickson demonstrates the importance of choosing your best personal story, the version you use to describe your life to yourself and others. If that story is derived from the worst events of your past, instead of the best, you can negatively affect your present and future. Through an in-depth and emotionally evocative exercise, valuable suggestions, motivational quotes, and one very powerful question, Erickson leads you with humor, encouragement, and insight to find your best story and helps you get rid of negative beliefs that keep you from living your best life.

Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life

Author: Dean Erickson
Paperback (, $8.95; Kindle, $2.99: Other formats available.

Act. Adapt. Achieve. front cover

Self-improvement book, Act. Adapt. Achieve.

In the second of our self-improvement books, Act. Adapt. Achieve., author Dean Erickson reveals tools and techniques to help you learn how to achieve success consistently. Learn how to achieve your dreams and reach your greatest potential with his new book, Act. Adapt. Achieve. Building upon his previous book, Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life, he encourages you to live your best life, this time by guiding you to take necessary actions to achieve your goals and by empowering you to adapt when things do not go as planned.

Act. Adapt. Achieve.
Author: Dean Erickson
Paperback (, $12.95; Kindle, $3.99: Other formats available.